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Thomas HeherWaves Vienna

Thomas Heher
Waves Vienna

THOMAS HEHER Festival DirectorWaves Vienna Thomas Heher, born in 1974, since 1996 in the cultural sector active, is co-founder of pop culture magazines The Gap and TBA and the literature magazine Volltext. He used to run the viennese record label P.A.M. Records and...
Daniel BenderListenrecords

Daniel Bender

DANIEL BENDER CEOlistenrecords  Daniel Bender was born in 1988. Since 2012 he is running the Berlin based label/booking/publishing agency Trickser Tonträger together with Clemens Kluck and Sönke Strauch. Until now, working on Trickser they released 7 international...
Dennis AdlerListencollective

Dennis Adler

DENNIS ADLER Agent/PromoterListencollective Dennis Adler was born in 1982 in Reutlingen, Germany. In May 2007 he founded his own booking agency while he was studying “directing film” in Berlin. Since 2011 he is a full-time booking agent. Listenagency is an...
Julia GudzentMetropolis Event-Gesellschaft

Julia Gudzent
Metropolis Event-Gesellschaft

JULIA GUDZENT Head of Artist Liaison & Talent BuyerMetropolis Event-Gesellschaft mbH & Co Kg Julia started organizing shows in her hometown Munich at age 16 and working as a tour manager just a couple of years later. In 2003, she joined the booking agency...
Rich MasioPandora

Rich Masio

RICH MASIO ContentPandora Rich Masio is a seasoned professional with experience spanning both the digital and physical music worlds starting back in 1990. After a six year tenure with the world’s leading digital distributor, IODA, Rich left in November 2010 to begin...