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Holed up in a protected historic house, next to a waterfall, in the snowy woods of Pictou, it’s no surprise something wonderful happened. That’s where Young River’s self-titled debut record began, not too far from this time two years ago. Trying to make a demo of sorts, the indie rockers—who met studying jazz in university—enlisted the help of friend Mark Dolmont, who was home from Singapore for the holidays and happy to help with the recording. But the end result, while satisfying, left them wanting more. “We heard something that wasn’t done,” says the band’s frontman Zach MacLean, who wrote many of the album’s songs while dealing with the transition of moving to Halifax. Since then, Young River plugged away at its full-length release, between three studios and many helpful hands of engineers and musicians…all the while sending bits and pieces overseas to Dolmont for mixing. “It was two years from when we started to record to when we had it in our hands,” says MacLean. “But because of that we were able to have people we know, love and trust involved in the project.”

– The Coast