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Trinity Community Arts

Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd
Bristol, United Kingdom

Capacity: 600

Cultural Centre

We give people space to come together, to create, connect, learn and share. Through a progressive programme of events, activities and projects, empowering people and communities through arts, social and well-being activities:
  • Youth music: offering skills development to young people facing difficult and challenging circumstances Community garden: engaging children and families, as well as adults experiencing mental health issues
  • Heritage projects: connecting the community through the history of the Trinity Centre and Old Market
  • Trinity Community Initiative: supporting groups and individuals with subsided space to deliver their own ideas
  • IGNiTE: enabling artists and communities to come together through our in-house performing arts programme
  • Renovation and Repair: ensuring the Trinity Centre can be used now and for future generations

For bookings contact:

+44 117 935 1200