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The Tom Fun Orchestra is a band of Cape Breton musicians who comprise the world’s first “Cluster Rock Ensemble”. Cluster Rock, for those of you not yet familiar, might be explained as a kind of lifestyle as much as a musical genre — a celebratory ethos of camaraderie & nomadic hedonism designed to inspire feverish dance and communal elation to all who encounter it. The Tom Fun Orchestra have managed to convey this lifestyle in musical form via their wildly energetic & highly revered live show as well as two critically acclaimed & award winning albums, You Will Land with a Thud (2008) & Earthworm Heart (2012).

The latest release, Earthworm Heart, is the product of an endless touring schedule that has seen the band venture across their Canadian homeland more times than they can count as well as journeys into The United States, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, & Australia. The combined experience of international travel, being inelegantly crammed in vans, and playing on stages both big and small has seen this group of friends hone its sound creating leaner, tougher compositions, establishing a savage beauty that is distinctly their own.

Whether its through the uninhibited & rapturous energy of their live show or the more deeply layered & profound listening experience captured in their recorded output, The Tom Fun Orchestra welcomes you into their world with pumping fists and open arms.