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Every now and then a band comes along, unwilling to accept the notion that Rock N’ Roll is dead. It may be dormant or slowly evolving but The Stogies are here to wake that beast up and shake it by its burly beard. Long hours spent in a hazy, rural Nova Scotian shed listening to Zeppelin, the Stones, the Black Crowes and even the White Stripes have fuelled their penchant for creating genuine rock n ‘ roll, chock-full of loud guitars, thunderous drums and wailing vocals.

After recording a few demos and auditioning drummers in 2010; Blake Johnston (vocals/guitar), Dave Driscoll (guitar/vocals), Sean Carver (bass) and newly recruited, Dave Lidstone (drums) played as many shows around Nova Scotia as they could. One of these included, Riverfest where they were awarded the People’s Choice Award for best band at the festival as they left the parking lot. The boys were soon spotted at New Music Tuesdays at the Seahorse Tavern by Troy Arseneault who offered to produce an EP for them with co-producer/ mixing engineer, Mike MacDougall and engineer Brad Stevens. The band then spent most of 2011 recording at Fortress Studios and touring the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario. Their debut EP “No Couth, No Class, No Nothin” was released in August 2011, supported by the release of their first single “Any Old Friends” and a maritime and Ontario release tour leading up to a showcase at Molson Canadian Nova Scotia Music week 2011.

David Driscoll

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