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The Red Room (Ealing Jazz Club)

450 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 1E2

Capacity: 150


The opening of the Ealing Blues Club by Alexis Korner and Cyril Davies on 17 March 1962 is generally regarded as the moment when British blues developed its own identity. For the first time, British musicians played the blues and were given an opportunity to see other British artists playing the music. Prior to this, the growing interest in the blues had been fostered by jazz musicians, notably Chris Barber who had brought some of the leading black American artists to the UK.

By the end of 1962, the Club opposite Ealing Broadway Station had overseen the creation of the Rolling Stones who’d been brought together by Alexis Korner and played there over 20 times. Eric ClaptonRod Stewart and Pete Townshend played Ealing, as did many other members of the future bands that would later take the raw sound of blues-based around the world.

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