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Riverside Studios

Riverside Trust
Riverside Studios
65 Aspenlea Road
London W6 8LH

Capacity: 400


In 1933, the Triumph Film Company acquired a former engineering works and foundry specialising in the manufacture of water pumps, and created two large sound stages from a jumble of workshops. The first film made at Riverside Studios was The Double Event and over the years it earned a name for itself producing a number of successful ‘quota quickies’.  After Triumph’s demise in 1935, filmmaking continued until 1954 under a succession of proprietors – Julius Hagen (1935-37), Jack Buchanan (1937-48) and Alliance Films (1948-54) – and films made during this period include The Seventh Veil (1945) starring James Mason, The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950) starring Margaret Rutherford and Father Brown (1954) starring Alec Guinness.

For bookings contact:
+44 020 8237 1000