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Marta Kutermak is a manager at KAYAX, biggest independent Polish management & label based in Warsaw famous for its quality and effectiveness. Tour manager and booking agent of Maria Peszek – a controversial and engaged top Polish artist, with 4 successful, award-winning albums, well known for the best concerts in Poland. Prior to working with Maria Peszek, for 10 years Marta was a manager, TM and booking agent for most acknowledged Polish producer and composer – Smolik.

Before joining KAYAX Marta was involved in concert and festival production, working for promoters as a producer of foreign shows in Poland (eg. Polish concerts of the Rolling Stones, Linkin Park, Tricky, Faithless, Moloko, Tool, Fantomas, and many more) and festivals (eg. Opener Festival, Orange Warsaw Festival, TVN Sopot Festival, Roxy Festival, Art Pop Festival etc) as a producer and artists coordinator.