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Booking Agent
Landstreicher Booking

Marie-Christine Scheffold took the step from very frequent concert goer and music collector to the professional side of the business in 2014. She moved to Berlin and worked at Universal Music Germany in Print & Online Promotion. After 9 months at the major label, she decided to look into the live business and started working at Landstreicher Booking (an independent concert agency), where she did her degree as an event manager and is now an agent and German promoter since summer 2017. Her roster offers a variety of artists from singer-songwriter, to electronic music, crossing soul and electric guitars like Sofi Tukker, Fil Bo Riva, Flora Cash, WILDES, Pom Poko or Mani Orrason. As a young female in the music industry, she strives for diversity not only in her work environment but also in her roster and is always looking for fresh artists with a twist.