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Co-founder/ Managing Partner
Seayou Records

Ilias Dahimène grew up in the 90s Punk, Hip Hop and Skateboarding subcultures, playing music with various bands, touring all over Europe and organizing local DIY shows. In 2006 his label Seayou Records started to put out their first releases and soon had it’s first international success with Thieves Like Us club hit “Drugs in my Body“ which allowed the label to become a full time thing. Soon the label roster started to grow quickly and albums by international artists like Japanther, The Pharmacy, Holiday For Strings, Monsterheart and many more were released.In 2013 Ilias Dahimène bought the viennese label Problembär Records in order to have an outlet for german speaking music, the label had 3 Top 40 album releases in 2014 in Austria and the debut album “Amore“ by Wanda just reached platinum status for album sales in Austria. Ilias Dahimène also runs a book publishing company with his partner Stefan Redelsteiner called RDE – redelsteiner dahimène edition.