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“…Lauren is a bit of a mystery. She’s part wallflower, part rocker, all intrigue. With a sound akin to Mary Timony, Lauren’s poetic yet gritty. She trades the acoustic guitar for an electric, infuses strings and soft vocals, as if she’s whispering secrets into the wind.” – The Coast

Gianna Lauren is a project of atmosphere, voice and warm guitar tone. The onstage charisma and the aura within her tenor is remarkable. Adaptation, longing, and displacement; melodies breathe as if they pulse, sharing space with stringed instruments and thoughtful tendencies.

Warm guitar tones, brooding melodies and remarkable tenor are the cornerstones of Lauren’s sound. Her songs are laced with themes of human behaviour and adaptation, and are delivered with thoughtful and charismatic performances.

Kyle Cunjak
Forward Music Group

Publicity & Promotion:
Trevor Murphy
Pigeon Row