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77a Charterhouse Street, London EC1M 6HJ

Capacity: 1,600


Rotating monthly between fabric and FABRICLIVE DJs, the series showcases established and emerging names. Each DJ decides what to include in their mix. No DJ is restricted in what to play or how to play it. DJs are responsible for their own concepts.

The series is completely independent and entirely operated by Fabric. It reflects the values of the club and captures what is played inside it. The musical content of each compilation is our foremost priority. People are not expected to tell us what magazines they read, what websites they like, when they were born or who their favourite DJ is. There are no in-store signings, no telly ads, no badges or gimmicks. There will be something good to listen to. And something nice to keep it in.

For bookings contact:
0207 336 8898