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Eric Stephen Martin lives and breathes many different sounds by mixing the voice of soul with the softness of folk guitar and country/blues influences. This musical mix has placed him firmly in the genre of Americana.

Growing up in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia he started writing songs at the age of 13, which has led to the creation of his large musical library. Eric attended the Gordie Sampson Songcamp in 2015, where he gained knowledge and developed tools that are beneficial for his writing career. He wrote with many Nova Scotian songwriters and high-profile writers from Nashville, TN and was invited back to the Gordie Sampson Songcamp in 2016 as a returning writer.

Within the past few years Eric has acquired musical experience by opening and playing alongside many different artists in the industry such as Carleton Stone, Kim Harris, and Joel Plaskett. His self-titled EP, released in 2014, was recorded at the New Scotland Yard studio in Dartmouth. Eric has released a total of three independent EP’s (2012, 2014, 2015) and is currently writing his new EP.

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