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In 2012, Elijah had the pleasure of meeting Mike and Luke Boyd (aka “Classified”) when Sheri Jones shared one of Elijah’s original songs, “All the Time In the World,” with Luke. Since then, Mike and Luke have become mentors and good friends to Elijah. The three collaborated on several tracks on Luke’s hit album “Classified” released in 2013. Having these experiences and being around Mike and Luke gave him a better understanding of the business and how things work, but most of all it came clear to him that music was his calling and that he could never give up.

Elijah worked with Mike Boyd on his album ‘Note The Sarcasm’. Elijah sang chorus for a song called ‘Street Lights’ which was released in March 2014. Elijah has worked with Mike and Luke on multiple projects in 2015 including a song called “Beautiful Escape” with Luke off his album “Greatful.”

Elijah is currently working on his own recorded music, and intends to release a full-length record in 2017/2018.

Nigel Jenkins
Laughing Heart Music