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Daniel Bender was born in 1988. Since 2012 he is running the Berlin based label/booking/publishing agency Trickser Tonträger together with Clemens Kluck and Sönke Strauch. Until now, working on Trickser they released 7 international acts from Germany, Norway and Canada: Yesterday Shop, Memoriez, Farao, Dråpe, Aidan Knight, Kalle Mattson, Sea Change.

In 2007, in his hometown Reutlingen, he founded the KuRT-Festival and was head of the music programm and booking until 2010. Since 2009 he is studying “Culture and Management“ in Görlitz.  At age 7, he started his music career with classical instruments, learned playing bass and founded in 2007 the band „Yesterday Shop“, together with Clemens Kluck. Their debut album received great reputation from german music magazines like “Musikexpress“.