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Based on research conducted by Ipsos Connect, this report examines the ways in which fans are engaging with recorded music across 13 of the world’s leading music markets.

Report highlights:

  • Fans worldwide are increasingly engaged with audio streaming:Globally, 45% are listening through a licensed audio streaming service (up from 37% in 2016). 90% of paid audio streamers listen to music using a smartphone.
  • Young fans remain highly engaged with music despite an abundance of competing media: 13–15 year-olds are highly engaged with music, with 85% using streaming services.
  • The ‘Value Gap’ persists: User upload video services, such as YouTube, account for the majority of on-demand streaming time yet do not return fair value to the music community. 85% of YouTube visitors use the site for music each month and 76% of YouTube visitors use it for music already known to them.
  • Copyright infringement remains a significant issue, with stream ripping the top source: 40% of consumers access unlicensed music, including 35% who stream rip music – 53% among 16-24 year-olds.