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We at BuzzAngle Music are proud to release our first-ever yearly report, on 2016 Canada music consumption. 2016 was another successful year in music, with overall consumption rising 8.5% over 2015, marking the second year in a row with solid growth.

The continued explosion of audio stream consumption, which increased 218.7% to 22.3B streams, fueled this increase. Both album sales and song sales continued to decline but the transition to these new access methods has shown to provide overall growth and a sustainable business model for the future. Breaking down the tremendous streaming growth shows what is perhaps the most important stat of the year: the percentage of subscription streams rose from 56% of the total in 2015 to 72% of the total in 2016. The number of 2016 subscription streams grew over 4x the 2015 subscription streams amount.

In addition to providing the industry with a great business model, streaming services offer music lovers a much wider selection of music at their fingertips. In 2016, there were 16.8M unique songs played via a streaming service compared to 2.3M songs that were purchased. An average day’s audio-streaming volume in 2016 (97M) was much larger than the entire year’s volume of song sales (75M). More music is being listened to by more people than ever before.