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Spotlight on International Marketing

The following Spotlight will illuminate key considerations and best practices for marketing your company internationally as well as to investors and venture capitalists. Whether it involves fine tuning your unique selling proposition (USP) or adapting elements of your marketing mix, this short guide can help your company prepare to market itself efficiently when faced with global opportunities.

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Getting Your Songs on Spotify Playlists

Streaming music revenue has overtaken both download and CD sales, becoming the leading revenue driver for many recording artists and songwriters — and, as independent musicians like Perrin Lamb can attest, it’s possible to earn a fulltime living with just a single song being placed on a prominent Spotify playlist.

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MMF – Dissecting The Digital Dollar (Part 2)

Following the publication of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar Part One’, the Music Managers Forum staged a series of roundtable discussions to debate the issues raised in the initial report.

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MMF – Dissecting The Digital Dollar (Part 1)

The rise of digital has created both challenges and opportunities for the music industry. The challenges around piracy have been widely documented, but working with legitimate digital services has also been challenging for music rights owners, especially as we have seen a shift from downloads to streams, because licensing these platforms requires a new approach to doing business.

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MMF – The Transparency Guide

For the last two years the Music Managers Forum has been educating the artist and management community about the inner workings of the streaming business through the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ project.

This included the series of ‘Digital Dollar’ roundtables involving artists, songwriters, labels, publishers, lawyers, accountants and lots of artist managers.

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Exporting to the EU – A Guide for Canadian Business

The purpose of this guide is to provide Canadian companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with an overview of European Union (EU) legislation affecting their exports to Europe.

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Step-by-step Guide to Exporting

This Guide provides insight gathered from trade commissioners around the world — Canada’s most comprehensive network of international trade professionals.

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PASSPORT: Music Export Summit

PASSPORT: Music Export Summit will deliver intensive training sessions to prepare export-ready Canadian artists and music entrepreneurs with business skills and artistic product development to increase international trade and export market development. The project is aimed at self-managed artists and artist managers (along with other music company entrepreneurs active in artist development) who are export-ready or engaged in the process of becoming export-ready

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Introduction To Exporting – How To Sell To International Markets

This guide is designed to help Canadian companies learn about international markets and how they can do business there. If you believe you have a product or service that might do well abroad, the guide can help you decide how – or whether – you should proceed. It concentrates on providing basic, practical information and supplements it with links to many other resources that will help you plan and carry out your export strategy.

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