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Phat PhillieFresh Island Festival/Blackout Entertainment

Phat Phillie
Fresh Island Festival/Blackout Entertainment

DJ PHAT PHILLIE Co-FounderFresh Island Festival/Blackout Entertainment Phat Phillie is a resident DJ (and promoter) of some of Zagreb’s coolest weekly & monthly events. Held at the city’s urban nightspots such as The Garden Brewery, Tvornica, Aquarius, Super Super...
Henca MaduroEpitome Entertainment – New School Rules

Henca Maduro
Epitome Entertainment – New School Rules

HENCA MADURO C.E.O. and Co-FounderEpitome Entertainment – New Skool Rules Henca has been a radio personality for almost 10 years and had opportunities to interview some of the most relevant artists in urban music like Lil’ Wayne, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown,...
Espen Blödorn-MentzoniShapes Recordings

Espen Blödorn-Mentzoni
Shapes Recordings

ESPEN MENTZONI A&RShapes Recordings Espen Blödorn-Mentzoni is a Norwegian born music industry professional. With both experience with international talent development and from the live industry in Europe . His current position is A&R in the new founded German...
Jelena GötzKKT

Jelena Götz

JELENA GOETZ AgentKKT Jelena started her career in the music industry with a degree in Music Management & Sociology and has since gained experience in various positions, ranging from interning for MTV during her early years, being a project manager in different...
Erin ColemanPaper and Iron Booking Co.

Erin Coleman
Paper and Iron Booking Co.

ERIN COLEMAN AgentPaper and Iron Booking Co. Erin Coleman is a booking agent at independent booking agency Paper and Iron Booking Co. in Berlin. She works with a roster of international artists, including Ryley Walker (US), Nadia Reid (NZ), Dinner (DK), Cian Nugent...