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Hannes CistotaWUK

Hannes Cistota

HANNES CISTOTA Music Director WUK Hannes Cistota is the Artistic Director for concerts at the WUK in Vienna, Austria. After studying psychology Hannes founded the record label Twentysomething tunes. Since 2004, Hannes has worked as the Artistic Director at the WUK in...
Ilias DahimèneSeayou Records

Ilias Dahimène
Seayou Records

ILIAS DAHIMÈNE Co-founder/ Managing Partner Seayou Records Ilias Dahimène grew up in the 90s Punk, Hip Hop and Skateboarding subcultures, playing music with various bands, touring all over Europe and organizing local DIY shows. In 2006 his label Seayou Records started...
Filip PotockiThe Arcadia Agency

Filip Potocki
The Arcadia Agency

FILIP POTOCKI Managing Director The Arcadia Agency CEO of Arcadia Live Gmb Promoting: Nuke Festival, Hip Hop Open etc. Filip is also co-owner of Vienna music venue B72. Facebook Twitter...
Michael HagauerSeewiesenfest

Michael Hagauer

MICHAEL HAGAUER Head of Booking Seewiesenfest Working in the music industry since 2002 Michael is a member of management team of Seewiesenfest and head of booking of Seewiesenfest since 2003 – www.seewiesenfest.at – Seewiesenfest is an Austrian independent...
Robert Helbig HellBig

Robert Helbig

ROBERT HELBIG Management/Agent Hellbig Robert Helbig is the founder & head of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION, a Berlin-based online magazine that focusses on music, culture & lifestyle. Besides NBHAP, Robert is running the artist management & consulting...