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Carlo Luis Ruben SchenkSelective Artists

Carlo Luis Ruben Schenk
Selective Artists

CARLO LUIS RUBEN SCHENK Booking AgentSelective Artists I’m Carlo, working for Selective Artists as booker/promoter. Selective Artists is in the business now since 1,5 year and we’ve been touring successfully with Agnes Obel, Milky Chance, Woodkid, Iron...
Andreas MöllerSchoeneberg

Andreas Möller

ANDREAS MÖLLER Head PromoterSchoenberg I always wanted to work in the music business but I never thought that would happen. Twenty years ago I got into it by accident because I was asked if I want to really “live” my hobby, now as a profession. So I...
Annika HintzDockville Festival

Annika Hintz
Dockville Festival

ANNIKA HINTZ BookerDockville Festival Annika Hintz started working in the music industry in 2008 when she got in contact with Enno Arndt who founded Dockville Festival one year ago after promoting concerts for several years. Since then her work fields were constantly...
Christian MorinHeadquarter Booking

Christian Morin
Headquarter Booking

CHRISTIAN MORIN Music Curator at VolksbühneVolksbühne Christian Morin is based in Berlin. He began to run underground music venues in the early nineties in post-wall East-Berlin. In 1997 he started his agency Headquarter Entertainment and organized hundreds of tours...
Max DommaReeperbahn Festival

Max Domma
Reeperbahn Festival

MAX DOMMA Talent BuyerReeperbahn Festival Maximilian Domma, born in 1985 in Bonn, Germany, is the Music Programmer of Hamburg based Reeperbahn Festival. Before that he worked as head of production for the Cologne based ℅ pop Festival while finishing his studies in...