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Phonofile is the largest aggregator for indie music in the Nordic region, and one of the most experienced players in the digital music marketplace today. Phonofile was founded in 1999 by FONO (association for Norwegian independent record companies). After merging with both Artspages (NO) and Klicktrack (SE) in 2010, the company now has offices in Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen, as well as a representation in Finland and a subsidiary in Beijing.

Even though Phonofile has its strongest foothold in the Nordic region, we work with labels and services from all over the world. Our distribution makes great music from great indie labels available on download and streaming music services all over the world, from the narrow niche services to the big stores. Today, we represent music from more than 600 labels and a catalogue of more than 250.000 tracks within a wide variety of music styles and genres.

We strongly believe that digital music sales becomes simple and effective only when you organize it thoroughly, in its full complexity. The up-to-date record label should have instant and full overview over catalogue and sales. To facilitate the need for such transparency, Phonofile has developed a highly sophisticated online tool where labels can access and manage their catalogue, monitor daily updated sales reports and easily add new content online. Effectively, Phonofile is the label’s digital warehouse of music, metadata, artwork as well as sales statistics and history. As the label´s partner, we are happy to contribute to the planning of distribution and sales, also adding B2B marketing towards the digital music services and general marketing consultancy for priority releases. And, of course, we also perform our main services – shipping to the digital music stores at the right time, with the correct metadata and in the correct audio formats.

Being a major player in the Nordic market, we are able to watch closely how the Nordic region now has become a high end market of music consumption. In the midst of this, we are acquiring new strategic knowledge about how to get awareness around new releases as well as catalogue to the music buyers of today and tomorrow.

Phonofile is a member of Merlin and proud to be part of the international independent music sector.