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Tim Ferrone is the founder and owner of Wrapped Up Music; effectively a scalable campaign management service for labels, managers and artists. Tim can oversee every aspect of an artist’s European campaign, from pulling together strategy, identifying media targets, recommending and hiring suitable independent promo personnel, creating and realising the campaign timeline, overseeing budget, suggesting manufacturing and distribution solutions, monitoring and tracking campaign performance, overseeing all communication and (nicely!) haranguing the campaign team to ensure that they deliver. In effect, he uses his local market knowledge to become your eyes, ears and creative label manager in key markets throughout Europe.

Tim has over seventeen years of music business experience, having served in various marketing roles at EMI, Universal International and Minstry of Sound, as well as spending seven years as an independent artist manager. He also likes to laugh a lot, which is pretty easy when you love what you do for a living. Check out testimonials and more at WrappedUpMusic.com