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The Syrup Factory’s origin story begins with the actual place. In 2009, Laura and Scott Simpson bought an abandoned 19th Century house in North End Halifax (Canada) and immediately knew they wanted to host concerts there. After taking nearly two years to restore its beauty, the family opened up the doors to concerts in 2011, calling it “The Syrup Factory”, after the small cordial-making factory that used to be there. Artists who have performed include Jenn Grant, In-Flight Safety, Old Man Luedecke and Gypsophilia. All profits go directly to the artist (and sometimes to charities).

In 2015, The Syrup Factory began working directly with artists supporting tours, festivals and releases, as well as representing artists at festivals and conferences.

In 2016, The Syrup Factory launched Make.Do.Camp., partnering with Brave Space to offer an unplugged retreat for creatives, professionals and entrepreneurs in a camp setting.

The Syrup Factory makes sweet things happen. We do what we do because we believe in the magic of music and deep connections.