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The Met Lounge

59 Bridge Street
Peterborough Cambridgeshire PE1 1HA

Capacity: 250


Since 1999 The Met Lounge has been the home for those that felt that ‘mainstream’ clubbing was not for them. Looking after the ‘Alternative’ Generation!
Open mic sessions every Wednesday, looking after the LGBT crowd with the Embrace Club sessions on Thursdays and live music with new bands/tribute bands every Friday before the club sessions that run every weekend – If you’re into Alternative Rock/ Metal / Indie / Punk / Pop Punk and genres of Dance music then you’ll find The Met is your home from home.
Did we mention our great selection of craft beers? An official Brew Dog Stockist with always 5 different BD beers in the fridges, our legendary 3VD Vodka mixers behind the bar plus the best selection of spiced rums and bourbon spirits in the city centre – and you’ll get change from a £10 note when you order a double as well!!

For bookings contact:

+44 1733 566100