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The Boogaloo

312 Archway Road, London N6 5AT

Capacity: 110

The Boogaloo has been a gathering place, a watering place, a music hall place, a dancing place, the host of art happenings and literary events, the inspiration for a song or two and a discreet place for a rockstar, an elegant lady or a man of the cloth to have a quiet drink amid the chaos while the crazy world spins. We opened our doors for the first time many years ago and we are glad to say, we are going as strong as ever today. We love the past and everything vintage, just as much as we love everything new that we bring to the bar, but The Boogaloo has the charm of staying timeless …..And that’s the way we like it. Welcome to Boogalooville and we hope we serve you well………………Vaya con Dios. Thank you and Goodnight.

For bookings contact:
020 8340 2928