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Take a listen to Devarrow‘s Celtic country stomp ‘Little Road’

Just as American history teems with heroic wild west frontiersmen, hundreds of years from now the books will record that Canadian and North American music was built by hardy alt-folk types who got dumped and headed off into the wilderness with just a guitar, a laptop and a fractured falsetto to record their timeless journey. One such hero is Devarrow – aka New Brunswick raconteur Graham Ereaux – whose heartbreak is unconfirmed, but why else would he have upped laptop for five years and travelled the world, pausing only to record and self-release a 2015 album called ‘The Great Escape’ from a leaking Vancouver apartment one winter?

Last year’s ‘Little Road’ is the sort of song that would’ve been snapped up for an on-trend laptop advert back during Peak Iver – misty, forlorn Fleet Foxes vocal, gentle Celtic country stomp, elemental bass throb come the chorus, the sort of song that slides up to you at the campfire sing-along, bats its Bambi eyes and offers you a pre-melted marshmallow. Having settled in Nova Scotia, Ereaux is in the process of recording his second album, so expect more cold-weather cuddles from him soon.