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I was a young Punkrocker, finished school with the age of 17 and 10th class of junior high (1987).

The first three following years I was trainee in the Zoo of Hannover (Germany). In that time I was “hanging” out free time with Friends and many made music. I can’t play any instrument, so I just stand aside of the Bands/Friends. One Band came more and more successful (Abstürzende Brieftauben) and I made my first tour (Zoo holiday) in 1988. I ordered Band Logo printed shirts and began Merchandise. I did it in all my free time and got more and more in the German (Punk/Rock) Music scene. After the trainee at the Zoo (end 1990) I had to make 1,5 years civilian service but didn’t stop to tour with Bands in free time. After the civilian service I worked on my own (self dependent) as Merchandiser, Tourmanager, Driver (Vans/Camper). The same time I started working for a Music Management in Hannover (Hidden Force Music 1992-1994) and learned more and more about Tours and Bands (Terry Hoax, Fury In the Slaughterhouse, HeadCrash). 1995 I was touring with Bands like The Cramps, Death, Biohazard but been tired of touring. In may 1995 I began at A.S.S. Concerts in Hamburg as Promoter/Booker of Bands/Tours. Lots of national Artists (Cultured Pearls, Be, Nina Hagen, Jazzkantine,…) and some international Bands (Fischer Z, Faithless, Moloko,…). 2011 I changed the company and work since then for FKP Scorpio. I promote (book) tours from young fresh Bands (The Stanfields, Eagulls, TOY, Marmozets,…) and bigger successful Acts (Steven Wilson, Caro Emerald, Simple Minds, Gov’t Mule,…). I further work hand in hand with many German festivals and the Bands we represent.