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Shevy Price is one of the most unforgettable female artists’ to come out of the East Coast of Canada. Known for her unique and diverse style as well as her raw and thought provoking lyrics, this rapper and songwriter is also well know for her down-to-earth persona and continuous community contributions.

“Being real is being realistic” she’s often heard saying, allowing her to face her own successes and imperfections with a humble heart. She has opened for numerous artists such as Wu-Tang, Trina, Waka Flocka, Ghettosocks and more.

Having no full-length albums of her own, she has made appearances on albums such as Ghettosocks ‘For You Pretty Things’ (2013) and most current, Dean Brody’s ‘Beautiful Freakshow’ (2016).

Price has recently released her 5th project ‘REPNT’ with high hopes for the future. Turning non-believers into believers is one thing but she is more focused this time around on telling her story and creating good music for her supporters.