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Director of Partnerships/Founder
A3C Festival
Roycebee Creative

A native Atlanta, GA, Royce has always been interested in arts, technology, and culture and has explored this in a myriad of ways. Royce holds a degree in Marketing from Howard University and has had corporate experience with L’Oreal, Google, and Nielsen.

In his current role as the Director of Partnerships for A3C Festival & Conference, Royce connects global brands with hip-hop — the #1 music genre in the world. In this role, Royce has crafted unique partnerships with some of the world’s most notable brands including Toyota, Squarespace, Google, YouTube, Uber, Monster Energy, and Heineken.

Royce’s affinity for creative partnerships and engaging content led him to found Roycebee Creative, a company focused on these topics. Roycebee Creative’s most notable production is Not Here Right Now, a live-one man show about Royce’s 4 1/2 month backpacking journey through Southeast Asia.