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Pollstar 2017 Year End Business Analysis

Live music continues to demonstrate its growing popularity making 2017 a record crushing year for the concert business.

The Top 100 Worldwide Tours alone generated a record $5.65 billion in revenues. That represents a huge, 15.8% increase over the previous year. The total tickets sold by the Top 100 was also a record at 66.79 million. That’s up a remarkable 10.4% over 2016. And it was all done with a record average ticket price of $84.63, which is an increase of $3.97, or nearly 5%.

U2 did the highest grossing tour worldwide at $316 million and the band’s North American segment also topped that chart at $176.1 million.

There were 11 tours that generated more than $100 million world- wide as compared to seven tours in 2016. The most successful artists are clearly getting better at recapturing some of the revenue that had leaked into the secondary ticket market.