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Nicole Ariana’s latest EP STRAND was born out of a tumultuous period of love, self-discovery, and denial.

It started in Austin, TX with “Slowly” and “Coast”. Ariana had met Eric Dingus via Twitter and they connected for a remix on one of her songs. Within a few months, she was in Austin staying in Eric’s living room and making music.

The pair has released several songs since their days in Texas (tracks with Dowrong and Bishop Light of Dingus’ DSR Label, three songs on OVO Sound Radio, and more), but STRAND is perhaps the most soul-baring of their collection.

A conceptual EP that follows the rise and fall of love, STRAND begins in “Act I: Infatuation”, where our protagonist is neck deep in love and lust, singing: “We’re all slowly dying, Baby. I just wanna spend my nights with you”, and swiftly moves into “Act II: Disillusionment”, in which Ariana sings “Thought you were the one for me, but I was wrong. You left me on the Coast”. The story ends with a melancholy send-off in “Act III: Longing”, produced by TeamSESH’s drew the architect: “I love you still in the nighttime, and I wake up with you on my mind… still.”

STRAND will give you all those feels you love and hate at the same time.

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