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Music Industry Insights – Make It in the Music Business: Go Global

In this inspiring video featuring industry experts sharing their insights on the global world of music, find out why having this twin-track approach simultaneously is now essential to catch new opportunities and compete in today’s music industry.

– Scott Cohen, Founder & VP International, The Orchard, UK
– Peter Borchers, Founder & Head of hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom, Germany
– Molly Neuman, Head of Music, Kickstarter, USA
– Pete Downton, Deputy CEO, 7digital, UK
– Tim Miles, Director of Synchronisation, Warner Music, UK
– Amos Biegun, Managing Director, Vistex, UK
– Romain Amblard, Accelaration Director, NUMA, France
– Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO, Sacem, France