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Michael Borwitzky is the A&R/ Product Manager of ferryhouse productions. Located in Hamburg and in existence since December 2005, ferryhouse is focused on developing new talent, mainly from Germany. Ferryhouse  productions is an independent label distributed by Warner Music. Michael Borwitzky started working for ferryhouse in October 2011 and started licensing bands and artists from other countries. Recently he signed Jill Barber from Toronto. Before working for ferryhouse productions, he worked for German independent distribution company Soulfood Music Distribution. There he worked with Canadian companies such as Dine Alone Records and Propas International Rights Management.

Besides ferryhouse productions, Michael Borwitzky is one of the owners of the Hamburg based label The Organisation, which has released albums from rock bands like Earl Greyhound, Eastern Conference Champions, Archive, Rose Hill Drive and Arkells over the last two years.