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Executive Director
Pittsburgh Irish Festival

Dr. Maura Krushinski has been an event planner since her undergraduate days at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, where she presented a variety of events (concerts to lectures) for the university. Maura served on committees for several event-planning conferences prior to graduation, and while pursuing a graduate degree in Counselor Education, expanded her event-planning specialty to culturally significant events. In 1991 she co-founded the Pittsburgh Irish Festival, now in its 26rd year, with her sister, Nan Krushinski . She served as the executive director of the Pittsburgh Folk Festival for several years, co-produced Festa Italiana and co-founded the International Taste of Pittsburgh. In addition to festival production, Maura has served as conference chair for the Pennsylvania Counseling Association, co-coordinator for the Fortune 500 conference in Pittsburgh and as consultant for many local events. She is currently one of the principals for Three Rivers Events Planning and McCarrick Productions, both event consultation and implementation firms. Additionally, as a practicing psychologist, Maura believes her psychological background provides a unique perspective on the relational aspects of the event planning profession, where integrity, creativity and competence are key elements in the event planning and implementation process. Maura lives in Pittsburgh area with her husband, Dr. Tom Petrone. Their two adult children, Kellen and Mairin, also reside in the area.