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Events & Marketing Manager Sound Diplomacy

Having grown up in London, Luke moved to Leeds in 2008 to study Events Management. In 2009 he founded his own music events company, Silver Hips, organising 400+ capacity monthly club-nights, one-off warehouse parties and booking bands from internationally renowned rock groups to 8-piece brass ensembles. During this period, Luke also worked on the organisation of major events from Live at Leeds, to Reading Festival to the London Cultural Olympiad. Luke moved to Vienna, Austria in 2012 and developed his company, organising multiple monthly club-nights, whilst also running the events department for the international tech company Smart Assistant, overseeing 50+ yearly events in Europe and the US.

Luke moved back to London in 2017 to take on the stewardship of the Music Cities Events brand, and to further develop the brand into a worldwide series of leading music focused conferences. To date Luke has organized ten Music Cities Events in Europe, North America and Australasia.