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Entertainment & Digital Media Law Consultant

Lisa Whynot is an entertainment lawyer living in Los Angeles with over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry.  In 2004 she joined EMI Music Canada where, after two years, she became the head of the Business and Legal Affairs department.  After having made the move to Los Angeles six years ago, Lisa joined the team at Hertz & Lichtenstein one of the foremost boutique music law firms in the United States.  Lisa recently left Hertz & Lichtenstein to develop a entertainment law and new media consulting firm.

With over fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry, Lisa has represented artists, writers, record labels and new media companies with respect to domestic and international issues relating to music, publishing and digital media law.  Lisa’s practice includes the negotiation of recording, distribution and publishing contracts, merchandising and sponsorship agreements, and general agreements relating to touring and performances.  Most recently, Lisa has focused on the use of branding and  strategic partnerships to further the careers of artists.