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Head of International

An American in exile from the California desert, Cloud moved to Sweden 30 years ago and has worked in the Music industry since then. John Cloud is Head of International at Playground Music Scandinavia and is working with International licensing and synch. He is also Director for Playground Music Publishing with writers/producers/artist: Smith & Thell, Kodie, SödraSidan, Janne Jarvis, Knivsta producer Robin Marken, Simian Ghost, Smith & Thell, Artymove and film composer Leif Jordansson.  He also manages the VOD distribution rights at Playground via their VOD disributors. Outside of the daily work, he is taxi driver to his 6 kids various sporting events, and manages a hectic schedule with his Politician wife. Sleep is not an option but he loves music and the music business. He enjoys a power naps, gardening, songwriting and building things out of wood.