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Founder and Captain
AC Entertainment

JK McKnight is a writer, musician, producer, fundraiser and environmental activist.

He is the founder of The Forecastle Festival and The Forecastle Foundation, and an employee of AC Entertainment (Bonnaroo, High Water, Big Ears and more).
He is a graduate of St. Xavier High School, having attended the College of Charleston, Bellarmine University, and the University of Louisville. The Forecastle Festival was created in 2002 as a small community event in Louisville, KY, and has grown into a major, international attraction, with over 65,000 attendees from 2,192 cities, 49 states and six countries. In 2012, Rolling Stone deemed it one of the “Coolest Festivals in America”, with additional accolades from The New York Times, LA Weekly, Chicago Sun- Tribune, SPIN, Garden & Gun, Outside and more. It 2013, the festival posted an economic impact of $14 million on the City of Louisville.

Website: http://forecastlefest.com/

The Forecastle Foundation is an international environmental 501(c)(3) organization, dedicated to protecting the world’s natural awesome. It works by partnering with grassroots organizations in ecologically vital biodiversity zones. These zones, called hot spots, are the richest reservoirs of plant and animal life left on Earth. They cover just 2.3 % of the Earth’s surface, yet account for 77 percent of all vertebrae species and 50 percent of all plant life. Hot spots play a vital role in regulating world temperatures and are highly threatened due to a variety of factors, including pollution, development, deforestation, illegal hunting and a variety of harmful practices.

Website: http://forecastlefoundation.org