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Holkham Hall

Holkham Hall
Norfolk, NR23 1AB

Capacity: 20,000

Concert Hall

Holkham has a total of 22 tenanted farms, made up of approximately 6,100 hectares, plus 1850 hectares that is farmed ‘in-hand’ by the Holkham Farming Company.

The in-hand land is generally farmed on a rotation based around sugar beet and barley.

Wheat is grown on the better land along with break crops such as beans, peas and potatoes. The livestock enterprises consist of a herd of 190 suckler beef cattle and a flock of 100 sheep. All progeny from the suckler herd are fattened and butchered locally. The meat can often be found on the menu at the estate-owned Victoria Inn.

For bookings contact:

+44 1206 500900