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FRANCE: Work Permits for Musicians Overview
Canadian musicians have to apply for a permit to perform in France. Below are the details on the process and the taxes.

France Work Permits
All musicians and crew will require a Temporary Work Permit known as an APT (Autorisation Provisoire de Travail) to perform in France. If you are staying longer than three months you are required to secure a visa. (Speak with your local contacts if you intend to stay longer than three months.)

How to apply: Your local promoter will be applying on your behalf. A permit for each concert is required, but usually the promoter of your first concert with make an application covering the whole tour. Check with them to confirm this is so.

The promoter will require the following to make the application:

  •  List of all persons travelling on the tour (band, managers and crew)
  •  Detailed personal information for each person working on the concert: Last Name / First Name /
    Date of Birth / Place of Birth / Citizenship / Country of Residence / Passport number / Passport
    expiration date / Residence card / Function / Salary / Home address
  • Passport scans for all band and crew working on the show
  • Certificate of Coverage document, see Tax section below
  • Certificate of Incorporation for artist’s company, if incorporated
  • Power of Attorney form (this form empowers your promoter to apply for the work permits on
    your behalf)

Cost: There is no cost.

Timeline: The application with full information and supporting documents must be delivered to French authorities 5 weeks before the concert. Your local promoter will require the documents 2 months before the first concert to be able to complete the application in time.

Tips: Main issue for applicants will be the Certificate of Coverage, see tax section.

France and Canada have a tax treaty but you will be required to provide proof that each person performing or working at the concert is paying taxes in Canada to avoid having your performance fees taxed. In France the taxes on artist fees are a combination of Social Security and Retirement taxes (griss).

The promoter will need a Certificate of Coverage document from the Canada Revenue Agency for each Canadian working or performing at the concert. If the artist is Quebec based, the promoter will require a Certificat d’assujettissement proving they are a “fiscal resident” of Quebec. The promoter will require the form 1 month prior to the concert.

Without this form the promoter will have to withhold taxes on your fees.

Timeline: Please note the Certificate of Coverage document can take 3 months to secure from CRA and should be applied for well in advance of your tour to avoid paying taxes on your fees in France.

If you are unable to provide the form prior to the show, you should speak to the promoter ASAP to make arrangements to deliver the form after the fact and receive the balance of your fees. See below for a link to the CRA forms.

Vital Links:
Link to CRA Certificate of Coverage Forms: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/cpt52/