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Music Curator at Volksbühne

Christian Morin is based in Berlin. He began to run underground music venues in the early nineties in post-wall East-Berlin. In 1997 he started his agency Headquarter Entertainment and organized hundreds of tours through Europe and promoted a large amount of local & national events. Since 2009 he is curating the music program in Berlin’s most famous theatre “Volksbuehne”. Apart from that he has always been involved with cultural politics. He was one of the founding members of the “Berlin Music Commission”, an interest group of the Berlin music business. He ran their board of trustees. Also he has been working as adviser for the Berlin government in the process leading to the start of the “Musicboard Berlin” in 2013, a brand new funding organization, working in between the cultural administration and the music professionals of the city.

Christian Morin will also be running music program for Pop-Kultur 2015 , a new festival end of August out of the ashes of Berlin Music Week that will take place around Berlin’s most famous venue Berghain.