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At first glance, the discovery of the Carson Downey Band in 1997 looks like an overnight success story. The president of a record company just happened to overhear the band playing through a door that stood ajar. Impressed by the combination of blues and rock that was the Canadian band’s sound, he looked in and was stunned by the sight of the guitarist using his teeth to play the instrument. On the spot, the music executive approached the band about a record deal. While the anecdote is true, success took far longer than overnight. The band had been together for about two decades and had built a regional following. Members first billed themselves as Big City Blues Band and Little City Blues Band. The Canadian group, which formed near Halifax in the town of North Preston, caught a lucky break when it played a showcase that was slated around the same time as the East Coast Music Awards (ECMA). Andrew McCain, head of Loggerhead Records, heard them play. It wasn’t long before the group was on its way and Loggerhead released the band’s debut album, All the Way, which was recorded in 1999.

Management & Bookings:
Carson Downey