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Cai works as the editor of Gigwise. With over 80 writers and 20 photographers on call worldwide, Gigwise covers all major and underground music events as they happen. Working closely with artists, record labels, PR and promoters, Gigwise doesn’t just report on the music scene, but plays an active role. Since its launch in June 2002, Gigwise has consistently been at the cutting edge of music, often breaking exclusive stories on music’s biggest acts. The fresh, uncompromising approach and ability to identify breaking acts has won it a loyal and ever expanding core of users. Cai has also contributed at Drowned IN Sound, The Line Of Best Fit and Clash in the past.

Cai believes that part of the duty of covering music is having a global outlook and not solely focusing on scenes within the UK and the US which have dominated publications for years. He has commissioned or written coverage about scenes in Portugal, Slovakia, Faroe Islands, Romania, France, Germany, Denmark, Ghana, and beyond in the last six months and much more. He is consistently looking outwards to embrace acts that deserve an international platform from which to promote their music. Cai also feels very strongly about the potential of breaking artists in the Canadian scene at the moment.

A recent trip to Montreal Jazz Fest substantiated this passion, as did several meetings with various influencers in the Canadian music industry who proved the quality of some of the acts there. He is interested in not just the big commercial Canadian exports, but what’s breaking out of the underground. He has recently been setting up interviews with some artists in the unique Saskatchewan Hip-Hop scene and scheduled a feature with DGI Samurai Champs to run of the website which traffics over 7 million unique visitors a year. During his visit to the Great Escape Festival, he was won over by Colter Wall who made it into the top picks over the weekend.

But as the weeks go by a deeper look at specific scenes and a wider embrace of different Canadian territories will ensure. One artist that took his attention from the Nova Scotian scene is the much-loved band Port Cities. Witnessing the strong atmosphere they conjured at a show in Wrexham’s Focus Wales showcase hinted that Nova Scotia was a place with much more to give than many popular assumptions would indicate. Hoping to get to the root of what makes Nova Scotia special – other than his favourite TV programme Trailer Park Boys – Cai intends to spend a great deal of his time at NSMW meeting with labels, PR’s and band members themselves to allow them to introduce themselves to him so he can work out which artist would suit Gigwise.com for not only fleeting coverage but sustained support in their career.