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Music Supervisor

Bonnie Reilly has been working in the music industry since 2009. She’s worked and gained experience in record labels, publishers, film houses, TV and advertising, but for the past year has been music supervisor at VICE in London, as well as covering the EMEA offices. She works across all of the company’s strands, including the new TV channel ‘VICELAND’, i-D, Virtue, Noisey, and the rest of digital. Bonnie expresses that there is never a dull moment at Vice, “the content is very refreshing and it’s great to work with such a variety of artists and music from all around the world.”

Having previously worked at Big Sync Music, she worked closely with Unilever brands and licensing within advertising. Along side working at VICE, she puts on music nights in London and DJ’s regularly at industry festivals including Cannes Lions.