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Belongs to: The Stanfields – Limboland

Every record finds its time. Just loses Freiburg just against the VFB and the first tip of the football weekend goes there. Again, nothing with the hope of luck in the game and the associated warm money rain. And that’s when you need a record like this. Limboland is the fifth studio album of the Canadian band The Stanfields . Thanks to a discreet melancholy, it provides the comfort that one needs for absolute trivialities and dispels the negative thoughts with a clearly audible resolution. ‘ I’m not afraid of the world’ – with these words the record is opened by singer Jon Landry and he is right. More Wine Waiter Please! As long as the HSV loses the season is not over.

The home of The Stanfields is on the east coast of Canada and with a little effort you can spit over from Nova Scotia to Ireland. Seen from the musical influences, however, would have to be spit in reverse. The band plays a jumbled mix of Celtic Rock, Irish Folk, Punk Rock, Heartland and West Coast sounds. I find it very pleasant that no sound facet is played too dominant and neither an overly folkloristic pub bliss is faked nor are the fine arrangements ironed out by punk-driven brawling. With How Long Is The Road there is even a Punk meets Gospel track which can be installed perfectly in the sing-along-oriented live program. If you miss The Gaslight Anthem, you will find it The Stanfields a real alternative and to have the boss as an influence is not wrong now. On Limboland concert tour, the band goes in the fall of 2018.

 Original article via CURT, written by: David Eisert