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Andy Stochansky is a songwriter and producer living in Los Angeles. His career began as a drummer, best known for his 7 years with Ani DiFranco.  In 1999 Stochansky embarked on a solo career releasing 3 albums independently and 2 with RCA Victor.  While still signed to RCA Victor, Stochansky signed a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music where he remained as his career evolved to that of a songwriter.

The first would-be single from Stochansky’s final major label album, entitled “Shine,” was covered by Australian artist Shannon Noll. The song was an instant hit and still holds the record for most weeks at Number One on the Australian Airplay Chart, putting Stochansky on the map as a legitimate songwriter.  The song was used as the theme song for Britain’s Commonwealth Games and was featured in numerous films, commercials and TV shows, including “Oprah’s Big Give.” That song, along with a long list of cuts around the world have been continuously synched in film, TV and commercials.  Stochansky has spent the last 6 years in Los Angeles working with artists ranging from the Goo Goo Dolls to Adam Lambert among others and writing for US, Canadian and International artists.  Of note recently, Stochansky co-wrote “Bulletproof Angel” with John Rzeznik which appears on the Goo Goo Doll’s most recent album “Magnetic.”  He also co-wrote the song “Parachute”;  the first single off James’s Durbin’s recent album with WindUp Records. He is currently developing various artists in Los Angeles and collaborating with songwriters, artists and some of the world’s biggest EDM producers.