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Andreea Magdalina is a connector. Currently based out of Los Angeles her work focuses on the interaction between music and technology. With a 5yr+ career as VP of Content at Mixcloud and as a founder of a small non-profit organization, her expertise lies primarily in digital marketing, social media and business development, in addition to music consulting.

In September 2014 Andreea founded shesaid.so, a network for women with active roles in the music industry. Featuring 1900+ members worldwide, our international community is diverse, comprising of female business owners or women holding medium to senior roles across all sectors of the industry – from tech to record labels, PR to management, and more. With headquarters in London and LA, the shesaid.so community continues to grow worldwide and develop an active membership through events and other projects in the Bay Area, NYC, Paris, Berlin and other key music cities around the world. shesaid.so partners with various conferences and festivals to curate and speak on panels aimed at promoting exceptional work by women in the music industry. Previous partnerships include Amsterdam Dance Event, M For Montreal, IMS, Further Future, SXSW, Bloc and more.

Andreea is also the co-founder of IAMJT, a consulting business specializing in artist management, as well as branding, digital marketing and production services. She is a an experienced speaker on topics such as artist development, community building, digital marketing, and empowering women in the music industry.