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Nighttime Economy Manager
City Of Pittsburgh

In her role as Night time Economy Manager, Allison Harnden strives to improve “life at night” in [Pittsburg’s] 90 neighbourhoods and implements the Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan, a strategic plan that nurtures night commerce, addresses nightlife-related impacts and assists government to adapt to a City that operates at night.

Harnden was tapped by Pittsburgh Mayor Peduto as the City’s representative to spearhead the Pittsburgh Music Ecosystem Study, an audit and study of Pittsburgh’s music community, audience and the role of the City in creating a supportive framework for music to thrive.

Formerly a VP at RHI, Harnden assisted 50 U.S. and Canadian cities in 23 states and provinces to plan, manage and police their nighttime economies. She co-authored Planning, Managing and Policing Hospitality Zones: A Practical Guide and has contributed the chapter on Designing Nightlife for Women in David Feehan’s forthcoming book, Design Downtowns for Women; Men will Follow.