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Make Associates

Alistair is a researcher, planner, urbanist and leading specialist on the evening and night-time economy (ENTE). He created the first ENTE strategy (for Leeds) in 1995 and has completed over 100 projects to improve town centers ‘after dark’. Alistair founded MAKE to advise cities, mayors, and governments on how to create safer, more successful and inclusive urban centers at night. He also works for firms such as Shaftesbury, Grosvenor, and Ministry of Sound, helping them take advantage of ENTE trends. In 2011 he brought street food and the Asian night market experience to London, creating the popular StockMKT pop-up after dark market – a project which activated public spaces and launched numerous restaurants, food, and craft brands.

Recently Alistair completed the first evaluation of ‘safe spaces’ in the NTE. He is currently creating Brixton’s new ENTE strategy and is working with Westminster on a study to reduce ‘vulnerability’ in London’s NTE.